Sunday, February 25, 2018

Is it really possible to have your dream job?

I have been pondering this question fro a while now.  I did think that this year was going to be my year.  I'm turning 50 this year, so I wanted to make some changes to my life.  I want to leave my job and do want I have always wanted to do and that's write.

So I was going to start with blogging just until I got use to writing.  And I wanted to write my first E-Book this year, to see how that goes.  But it just hasn't work out, yes I know it only February and year is just getting started.  I'm just not getting the traffic to my blog that I wanted.  And believe me I have tired everything.

So the question remains, Can you really have your dream job?  I would really like your feedback as well on this subject.

Now I know you will only get what you put in to it.  And I know you have to pick the right niche for you.  So I picked two blogs this one, and  another one which is all about getting really good bargains, because that's what I always look for and wanted to share with people who also like getting great bargains.  Because you can only write what you  really know about, right?

If you have any advice please let me know I would love to hear from you.

Take care everyone, until next time.:-)

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