Thursday, February 22, 2018

How Australia is changing.

With Easter just around the corner, I use to feel excited but not anymore. Remembering how Jesus died on the cross for us, and how he was resurrected days after he died for us. Oh that use to feel me with so much joy, knowing that there is life after death.  For me being a Christian it was very important to me.  The four days of Easter was a time to reflected and remember how much Jesus loved me and all of us.

It is also a time to visit families, or go on holidays.  As a child I would love the Easter Egg hunt on Sunday morning, and when my kids were small I give them a chance to look for Easter Eggs as well, the smile on there faces as they found their Easter Eggs will stay with me forever.

It feels like now that as a Christian we cant celebrate as we did before,  for fear we may offend others that are not of our faith.

I believe we all need to respect other religions, and not shame each other for what we believe in.  Maybe if we all did this, there wouldn't be so much hate in Australia.

How did we as a country let this happen?

This is way to painful to continue.  Take care everyone until next time.:-)

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