Sunday, February 4, 2018

Cyber bullying/bullying in Primary/High School

I watched the news this morning and cried, as a mother told us how her daughter killed herself because of Cyber bullying/bullying at school.

As a mother who has been through this with my daughter, who was cutting herself and was close to ending her own life.  I can tell you it is the most awful thing you could ever go through.

I was lucky my daughter came to me and told me what was going on.  So I rang the school she was going to at the time and spoke to the Head Master and she did nothing, I was told that unless it happen on that day she would not do anything about it.  I was shocked as they have a no school bullying policy at the school.  And that if bully did occur they would deal with it straight away.

I said the this Head Master as calm as I could, (because what I really wanted to do was yell and scream at her) that my daughter was getting bullied everyday, even the day I was calling she was still getting bullied.  Still she make excuses as to why she wasn't going to follow through.

I couldn't understand why, and I wasn't going to keep my daughter at a school that wasn't going to do nothing about it.  I was her last year at this school, she was going to graduate in three months.  But I couldn't let it go on any longer.  My daughter was already cutting herself.  Something had to be do.

So I called another school explain what was going on, and they couldn't believe what I was telling them.  And yes they would love to have her she could start straight away.  I was so happy I couldn't wait to her my daughter.  As soon as I got home I told her she can start her new school straight away.  She look at me and said I want to go on the school camp that was happening the following week,  I didn't want her to go for three days with these girls who were bullying her.  But she wanted to go and I said yes.....

My daughter stayed at school at went on that school camping trip, for me it was the longest three days ever and I didn't get a lot of sleep.  I was there waiting for the bus to arrive my anxiety was so bad I thought I would bust in to tears just waiting for her.  She step of the bus and I ran up to her and just hugged her, she held me and said everything is ok now mum you don't have to worry.

My daughter and some of her friends that were worried about my daughter confronted the girls that were bully my daughter and they sat around and talk it out.  My daughters friends said if they didn't stop bullying my daughter they would all get together and go to the Head Master with their parents and tell her what was going on.  Enough was enough to my surprise the girls who were bullying my daughter apologize.  And my daughter was able to finish school without anymore bullying.

Now this does not happen offend if at all.  As I parent I'm so glad that my daughters friends stood up to the bullies and said enough is enough, because I could be writing something else today.

I my heart goes out to the parents that have lost there children to bullying, there has to be a way we can stop this from happening to other children.

To those bullies out there ENOUGH IS ENOUGH your time is up.

After a few years had past I found out why that Head Master didn't want to do anything about my daughters bullying,  the daughters that were bullying my daughter belong to the staff that worked at the school.  The Head Master had an emotional break down and is on leave for the near future.  What ever that means...........
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