Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Another high school shooting in America

First of all can I say how deeply sorry I am for the family that have lost love ones on Wednesday.

On Wednesday at a high school in Florida there was yet another shooting,  17 people killed.  They have arrested Nikolas Crus who is 19.  We are hearing that he was a very troubled young man.  He didn't have any friends that we know off.  He use to play pranks to make people laugh, he was threatening students and that's what got him expelled.

This is not the first high school shooting in America it is one of many that has occurred through out the years.  But still nothing as been done about the gun laws.

I will put this question to you.  Does this have to do with gun laws?  Do they need to have more security in there schools?  I think if they have a trouble student is always causing trouble and has been expelled from school, should have a photo of that student in there office.  So if they see him/her they can call the police.  But is that as simple as it sounds?

Clearly something needs to be done, specially for the families that have lost love ones.

The people who are running the country need to do something, these high school shootings cant go on.  There has already been to many innocent lives taken for to soon.  How many do they need to loose before something it done.

Take care everyone.  Kiss your loves ones tonight and be grateful you can..........

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