Monday, January 29, 2018

Prostate Cancer

My Husband would have to be one of the most kindest man you will ever meet.  If his family and friends need him he will always be there for them.

I had a really bad year last year, and he was my rock the one I lean on when I couldn't go through it alone.

He suffers from high blood presser and diabetes.  He enjoys playing Volley Ball every Wednesday and Golf every Saturday.  He has his own business and is a hard worker, and works very long hours.

He rang me this morning and was wondering if I had got home yet.  I said no I was still at work.  He said he didn't want to upset me while I was at work and he will tell me when I got home.  Well that wasn't going to happen, I wanted to know now.

He had gone to see the Doctor because he wasn't feeling well.  And  the Doctor said to him that its very likely he has Prostate Cancer, and that's by going by what he had said to the Doctor, but to be sure they have to take a blood test.  He started to cry and that just made me want to as well, but I didn't want him to get more upset.  I still had two hours left at work and I can tell you that was the longest two hours of my life.

When I got home my husband and I just hugged one another, and we both started crying.  My husband doesn't want to tell the kids just yet until we know for sure.  Because he knows if they found out now they would just worry, and he doesn't want that.  Just like my husband to always think of other people before himself.

I hope my husband doesn't have prostate cancer, but if he does then I will be there for him 100% like he was for me.

Be strong my love I am here for you.xo

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