Saturday, August 5, 2017

Young kids today have depression

As you all know I have been suffering from depression and anxiety.  So with that I stop blogging, what I didn't know is just how much I would miss it.  So here I am back.  I thought that I could get over depression and anxiety quickly, that after a couple of months I would get better.  Turns out that's not the case at all.  Its going to take a while and to put a time limit on it was very silly of me.

As I have been coming to terms with my condition, I miss seeing what was happening in my own home.  And that was my 12 year old going through the same as I was.  And that has had a huge affect on me.  She is now seeing someone who is helping her cope with what she is going through.  

Unfortunately I was focusing to much on what I was going through, and I was failing as a mother.   I am grateful to my husband and my sons who have been a huge help to my daughter when I could not be there for her.

Because I haven't been there for my daughter it has put a big strain on our relationship, but with a lot of hard work from me I'm going to build up that close relationship back up again.  Because she needs me more then ever.

I was surprise just how many young kids have depression now more then ever before.  She now realises she is not alone.  And that is so important that the moment..

Wish us both well wont you.  Until next time.

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