Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Depression and Anxiety

I have always tired to be a happy person and live my life to the fullest.  But with losing a good friend at the beginning of this year.  And my sister and my friend being so sick it has all become a bit too much for me to take.  I was starting to feel very sick and just getting out of my bed and going to work was so hard for me.  So I took myself to the doctors thinking that I have just being over doing it lately trying to be there for my sister and friend at there time of need, I had forgotten about me.

After some tests the doctor said I was going through depression and was suffering from anxiety as well.  I need to take some time for myself.  He thought it was a good time to take some time off of work.  Unfortunately I need the money so that wont happen anytime soon.

I missed being on here, but after listening to what the doctor had to say I went down hill even more.  My poor husband has try his best to help me, but at the moment I keep pushing everyone away.

So I'm reaching out to anyone out there who has been through or is going through depression or anxiety.  To give me some advice to help me get through this tuff time in my life.  Any advice would be very helpful.

Take care everyone, until next time. xo

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  1. Hi Rebecca. I have situational depression. Last year, I had a bit of a breakdown and went on medical leave from work. As a result, I have gone into therapy and this June it will be a year. It is good to talk to someone outside your immediate circle. They can give you an unaltered perception of what is going on.
    Seek professional help. I bulked at it for years but gave in and I don't regret it. I hope you find your way. Sending good thoughts out to the universe for you.