Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bad Storm

All the work I did before Christmas went out the window in one night.
I woke up to the hall light being on and the light was shining in my room,
which is what woke me up.  So when I got up to turn the light off I saw water
running through small holes in my ceiling in the hallway.  It was 2am in the morning
little did I know that my husband had heard water running somewhere in the house about
an half hour before I woke up, he sure wasn't prepared for what he saw.  And went and got
some buckets so the water wouldn't damage the carpet anymore then it had already done.

It wasn't until we woke up that morning that we saw just how much damage it had done.
We do have to pull up the carpet and have to replace the cupboard that was in the hallway.

What a way to finish off the year.  Today is Friday here in Australia, so on the last day of
the year we will be pulling up the carpet and taking down the cupboard.  wish me luck everyone.

Take care until next time. :-) xo

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