Monday, November 21, 2016

What a weekend

My 11 year old daughter come home from school and showed me her swollen finger and tells me she hurt it playing soccer at school.  So I give her some medicine and put an ice pack on it and tell her to elevate her hand because that would help with the pain.

By the next day her finger is black and blue and I tell my husband to take her to the doctors because I think it may be broken.  After going to the doctors and having x-rays, my husband and daughter are told its just a bad sprain finger. 

Its wasn't until later in the afternoon we get a phone call telling us that my daughter has fractured her finger and that we need to take her to the hospital, where we only had to wait two and a half hours for the doctor to it in a splint and to come back in a weeks time to have a look at it again.  By this time my daughter is in so much pain from the doctor touching it all the time.  That she was more then ready to go home to bed.  It would have been about 11pm when we got home.

The doctors did put my daughter arm in sling to help the swelling go down, but my daughter wont wear it because it hurts her neck.  Mind you it hasn't stop her playing Minecraft on the computer. lol  Kid these days they just bounce back so fast.

Take care everyone see you all next time.:-)xo

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