Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump wins

At the moment most Australians are in shock.

Why America why?  We all thought Hillary would win here in Australia.  But was very surprised when Trump won in a land slid of all things.  Poor Hillary, was left wondering what went wrong.  I was left baffled and confused with what just happen.  It was my understanding that you hated Trump. 

After work I was sitting watching the debate, and they put a photo of Trump and his followers watching how the counting was doing.  And there was Hillary's daughter with the Trump family.  I guess she had jumped ship. It was very funny to me.  When she was meant to me a strong supporter for her mother.  So when the chips are down time to jumps ship.  What a daughter...

I have to wonder if he will build a wall around America?  Send all Muslims out of America, I mean what will that do anyway.  And he does not believe in Global warming. I ask you America WHY you voted him in??  Let me tell you it will be a very long 4 years.  So strap yourselves in world because its going to be a very bumpy ride.

Take care, see you all next time.:-) xo

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