Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The fright of my life.

As I was walking one of my dogs yesterday I saw a baby brown snake,

right next to me in the gutter in the street.  Now these baby have more venom in them then the adults have.  Please don't ask me how that happens.  The dog that I was walking got bite by a baby brown last year went in the dogs back yard.  Cost the owner 1000.00, so she of cause doesn't want it to happen again.

I was on the look out for adults not babies.  See how small it is, and it blends in with the land here in Australia.  So you can just about step on one of these and you wouldn't know it until its too late, only because where the dog lives there is a reserve behind her, so there are small twigs and stick, so very hard to stop them.  But one bite to me could kill me. 

So I have to keep my wits about me next time.  I might even take a stick to bang on the ground, because they can feel the vibration from that.  Well I'm off to work again wish me luck.

Take care everyone, see you all next time.:-) xo

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