Sunday, November 6, 2016

How to make a blog successful

I have been trying to work out how to make my blog successful for nearly a year now.  You see I made a goal to write on my blog at least once a week, sometimes it was more then once a week.  I even tried to make money as a second income.  Unfortunately it hasn't worked out for me.

I wanted it to be one of the many blogs out there that are successful and are making a living out of there blogs.  I have realize you do have to have something to sell.  Sometimes that's what makes people want to come back every day or week. 

mmm in saying that, I visit a blog that doesn't have anything in a way of selling products .  All of her post are very interesting and it makes me want to go back each week.  So what am I doing wrong?

Now I have done a lot of research and tried lots of ideas, maybe its just time to give up.  The most important message I have got is that you have to write something you know a lot about,  something people would be interested in.  That's it, I'm just not interesting enough for people to want to come back again and again.

Some people say you have to give your blog a good go before quitting.  I have join forums, posted comments on other peoples post.  Nothing seem to be working.  What am I doing wrong??? I would love you help.

Take care, see you next time.:-)xo

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  1. Not everyone will be interested in what you write. Who will read it will depend on their interest,education,experience in ife like yours,age,ethnic background,sex and many such factors .But don,t let it discourage you.Keep writing.If it is worth reading,someone somewhere will read it.