Friday, November 25, 2016

Getting into the Christmas spirit

Ok everyone dare I say it, Christmas is only one month away.  What's not funny is I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet.:-( I haven't put my tree up yet or decorated my house, there just has been so much to do around my place that Christmas has been pushed aside, but not anymore.  Today is the day that Christmas shopping begins, and making Christmas treats that my kids love start to get made.

I do hope I'm not the only one that this has happen too.  How is everyone else getting on with getting into the Christmas spirit.  Have you finished the Christmas shopping yet?

If you have any good Christmas food like biscuits, cake, things like that let me know I would love to try them.

Anyway I have to get back to it.  Take care everyone, see you all next time.:-)


  1. Yes this is my favourite time of year a time to reflect on our saviour and spend time with family i must admit this has a christmas i wasn't sure i would get to see, a very scary time for me with my health i have along way to go but seeking for that light at the end of the tunnel x

  2. Hi Sharon, That's great your getting into the Christmas spirit, and spending time with family is very important. Glad your starting to feeling better. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.:-) xo