Friday, October 7, 2016

Spring cleaning

After the excitement of the storm last week.  I decided to do some spring cleaning inside. I have started in the kitchen.  Now spring cleaning for me means cleaning out my kitchen cupboards, and drawers. Throwing out what we don't use anymore and buying new storage containers to store food in because in the summer we get a lot of ants and flies.  And I just think it looks good with everything in its place.  It does take time to do, but its the end result is awesome.

For my husband it's not good because I start looking at the back and front yard and give him  a list of things to do, like cleaning the outside windows, getting the leaves out the gutter, cleaning up the back yard ready for summer.   I love summer because we have lots of barbeques, so that means spending a lot of time outside with family and friends.

We get a lot of redback spiders that are highly venomous, and they live everywhere in the house where it is dark and cool so I'm always on the look out for them.  So keeping fly spray close by is always a good idea. 

We are starting to get spring weather now which is wonderful.  And as I'm writing this I can see out my kitchen window to our vegetable garden needing some attention, I'm sure my beloved husband would like one more job to do lol.  Poor dear he so likes to watch some T.V on the weekend, mmm sorry dear not this weekend, I'm wondering if I will still have a husband next week.????

Have a great week everyone. take care. xo

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