Saturday, October 29, 2016

Connecting with my kids

Hi Everyone,

Before I start I just want to say a very BIG thank for your very kind words after last weeks post, It really did mean a great deal to me.

For a while there I was finding it hard to connect with my youngest daughter, because everyday after school she would say hello, get something to eat then go to her room.  When she was in her room she would go on her phone, she was either taking to her friends, playing games, or taking selfies.  And I wouldn't see her until dinner time.  And when I tried to talk to her she said she was always busy, well I wasn't having that anymore, so I said to her we are going to spend at least one hour a day when it will just be her and me.  I thought I would get a big song and dance act, because at her age spending time with her mother is not the coolest thing to do, but she was totally on board with it.

I said to her we can do what ever she wants to do, like play board game, talk, play the Xbox,  she likes to do my hair and makeup, whatever she wants to do I will do.  So we have been playing the Xbox together,  I'm not very good but I try and that's all that matter to my daughter.  We have also decided to write an EBook together.  Which I love, because that means I get to spend more time with her, and she has been doing my makeup. I must say she puts it on better then I can.

My 17 year old boy likes to watch some T.V. with me, and we talk a lot as well.  It does sometimes get harder when they get older, because its all about working, catching up with friends, and spending lots of time playing games on his computer.  So whatever time I get with him, means so much to me.

It is a lot harder with my two oldest children, I don't get to spend a lot of time with them but when I do I'm a very happy mummy. 

What do you do to spend time with your children?  I understand for some people spending a lot of time with there children is hard and I get that, so don't ever feel guilty.  It the quality time we spend with our kids not the quantity.

Have a great week and take care, see you all next time.:-)xo

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