Thursday, October 20, 2016

Clowns Vs Evil Clowns

Ok so today I'm going to talk about evil clowns..

The craze has gotten so bad here that evil clowns are going to primary schools and scaring young children during recess and lunch, don't they have something better to do then scare innocent children.  Those of you that do that are dressing up as evil clowns are losers, and you need to be arrested because that's the only way to deal with you stupid people.  It have even come to my neighbourhood, it is a worry when you have to look out the window before you answer the door, just to see if there is any evil clowns knocking at my door.   On the news the other day there was one evil clown that ran after young girls until they ran to a police station then he took off real fast, unfortunately the police didn't catch him.  But it did scare the girls half to death. 

There are people out there with real clown phobia (Coulrophobia).  I just don't know what makes people want to do that kind of thing.  I do feel sorry for those people that make a living out of being a clown, and only want to make people laugh. I heard of people cancelling clown parties, because they don't want to scare the kids.

Clowns are used to make sick kids happy when they visit hospitals, and kids parties are better when you have a clown to make balloons and blow bubbles and make kids laugh.

What do you think of Evil Clowns?


  1. I hate the clowns too! I talk about them on my own blog.
    Check it out!

  2. Thanks Short, Sassy and sometimes Classy, It has become a huge problem over here at the moment. I hope the craze will end soon. I did check out your blog and loved your post. You now have a new follower.:-) Thanks for commenting. Have a great day.