Monday, October 17, 2016

Clinton Vs Trump

Unfortunately I have to way in to the debate between Clinton and Trump.  Why because it was televise here in Australia.  Well oh boy, I do feel very sorry for my friends in America at this moment.  Having to listen to both of them making promises that you know they wont keep.  They will find a reason of cause that they couldn't keep there promise, as you know its always someone else's fault not theirs.  Who ever does get in, its going to be a very LONG four years.  And after that four years, you hope like hell someone better comes along and wants to run, because I cant see them getting in for another four year like Obama.

After the debate I come away feeling like what the ..........  Why on earth would you want these two people running your country.  Its like the blind leading the blind seriously come on.

I wish my American friends good luck because your going to need it.  Because I think they are as bad as each other.  Not surprise they are being made fun off.

I could not resist either.

Take care everyone, see you next time.:-) xo

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