Saturday, October 15, 2016

80's hair style and clothes

I was inspired to write this post by a follow blogger who wrote about 80's movies.  I will put her link up.  Please go and check out her blog. You wont be disappointed.

If there is one decade that stands out to me it was the 80's.  Am I right people.  Ok you either liked the 80's or hated it.  Me I loved the 80's.  To me it was all about the clothes and the hairs do's.  Ok the music was great too.  But I'm not writing about music, I'm writing about clothes and hairs do's.

So let me show you a few examples.

Madonna, I loved the way she dressed, so lets just take a look at that for a moment.  Big headbands, lace gloves,  rubber bracelets and lot of chunky jewellery and look at her hairs WOW.  You just don't see that anymore do you.  Well unless you go to an 80's dress up party, which has me thinking what to have for my 50th birthday.  I may just bring the 80's back for one night only who's with me.

Now lets not forget Cyndi Lauper,

'Girls just want to have fun'.  Was one of my favourite songs of hers.  When ever I hang out with my girlfriend we would play this song before we went out on the town.  They were the days.  Now lets have a look at her hair, I loved the way she just didn't care what people thought about how she dressed or what colour her hair was going to be.   She was also rocking the headbands, chunky earrings, and lots of neck laces and chunky bracelets.  Ok so everything was chunky in the 80's and I loved it. 

Ok one more

Tina Turner, Wow what a women.  The outfits she wore to show case those beautiful legs.  As a short person I was very jealous of her legs because I would have done anything to have legs like Tina Turner.  So lets look at her outfits boy she knew how to style didn't she.  And her hair, well she is rocking the look.

Now I cant go without showing you

That's right leg warmers, now how many people wore these in the 80's.  Ok I confess I did, and I thought I look cool.

That's it a trip down memory lane, I hope you liked it as much as I did.

Take care everyone, see you all next time.:-)xo

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