Monday, October 31, 2016

Starting my first E-Book

Ok so writing my first E-Book isn't as easy as I first thought it would be.  Don't get me wrong my daughter and I have worked out what type of book we want to write about, we talk about the characters and what rolls they play in the book.  I'm stuck on where they live, and can you make up you own town?  But it is the first line I'm haven't a hard time writing, I know if I can just write that very first line I'll be fine.

When my children were little I would make up stories and write them down in a book, and I didn't find it hard at all, the stories just flow for me.  I would read them bedtime stories that had a lot of pictures, and I would also read the ones I had made up.  Those were the ones they liked the best.  Sometimes the story would be to long and I would make them wait until the next night.  That's the only nights they would go to bed on time:-) 

So I cant understand why its not flowing now.  I think I know why.  I have been doing some research on how to write your very own E-Book, and they tell to do lots of research, make sure you know what your writing about, plot out the story.  And now that I have done that, I just cant write my first line..

I didn't research the stories I told my children and they just come to me, and writing them was so much fun and the story flowed.  Is there such thing as to much research??

What do you think??

Have a great week everyone take care, see you all next time.:-)xo

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Connecting with my kids

Hi Everyone,

Before I start I just want to say a very BIG thank for your very kind words after last weeks post, It really did mean a great deal to me.

For a while there I was finding it hard to connect with my youngest daughter, because everyday after school she would say hello, get something to eat then go to her room.  When she was in her room she would go on her phone, she was either taking to her friends, playing games, or taking selfies.  And I wouldn't see her until dinner time.  And when I tried to talk to her she said she was always busy, well I wasn't having that anymore, so I said to her we are going to spend at least one hour a day when it will just be her and me.  I thought I would get a big song and dance act, because at her age spending time with her mother is not the coolest thing to do, but she was totally on board with it.

I said to her we can do what ever she wants to do, like play board game, talk, play the Xbox,  she likes to do my hair and makeup, whatever she wants to do I will do.  So we have been playing the Xbox together,  I'm not very good but I try and that's all that matter to my daughter.  We have also decided to write an EBook together.  Which I love, because that means I get to spend more time with her, and she has been doing my makeup. I must say she puts it on better then I can.

My 17 year old boy likes to watch some T.V. with me, and we talk a lot as well.  It does sometimes get harder when they get older, because its all about working, catching up with friends, and spending lots of time playing games on his computer.  So whatever time I get with him, means so much to me.

It is a lot harder with my two oldest children, I don't get to spend a lot of time with them but when I do I'm a very happy mummy. 

What do you do to spend time with your children?  I understand for some people spending a lot of time with there children is hard and I get that, so don't ever feel guilty.  It the quality time we spend with our kids not the quantity.

Have a great week and take care, see you all next time.:-)xo

Saturday, October 22, 2016

My Huge Scare

Bomb threat for Adelaide shopping centre

I was shaken and scared. and very thankful that me and my family are safe tonight.
Today my husband and I tool my kids to the movies.  Its the first time in a long time that my 17 year old son wanted to come out with us.  So I was feeling very happy to spend time with my two youngest children.  We get to the cinema buy the tickets and go see the movie half way through the movie an alarm goes off.   We sit there and start looking around wondering what that noise is and is it apart of the movie. Not knowing what to do I start packing my bag with the treat we brought for the kids and my son is picking up his bag, then the alarm stop, seconds later the second alarm goes off. And I tell my son it's time to go, he turns to his sister and dad and tells them lets go NOW.  At the bottom of the stairs of the cinema that we were in  I look around to see where my daughter and husband is, but there were a lot of people, my son turns to me and tells me my daughter is with my husband.  As we get out side the cinema I turn and see both my son and daughter, but not my husband, I grab my daughter who is very upset because she doesn't  know what's going on, and leave the cinema and go out side to wait for my husband. At this stage I  want to cry but have to say strong for my daughter.  We get out side and my son spots my husband and we go to him and wait to hear what going on.  But we are told to leave the shopping centre and go home, we don't hear anymore until we get home and I look on the computer to see if there is any news.

All it said was that a ethic man as arrested with a suspicious package, it wasn't until later that night on the news that we found out  the man was carrying a pipe bomb. 

I have been going to this shopping centre for 40 years, and this is the first time something like this has happen.  Is this the kind of world we live in now?  Unfortunately it is. ....

I'm in shock and my scared, but I wont stop living my life, because that way the terrorist win.

This is not a joke it really did happen.  And it has change my life forever.......Take care everyone, see you all next time.:-)xo

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Clowns Vs Evil Clowns

Ok so today I'm going to talk about evil clowns..

The craze has gotten so bad here that evil clowns are going to primary schools and scaring young children during recess and lunch, don't they have something better to do then scare innocent children.  Those of you that do that are dressing up as evil clowns are losers, and you need to be arrested because that's the only way to deal with you stupid people.  It have even come to my neighbourhood, it is a worry when you have to look out the window before you answer the door, just to see if there is any evil clowns knocking at my door.   On the news the other day there was one evil clown that ran after young girls until they ran to a police station then he took off real fast, unfortunately the police didn't catch him.  But it did scare the girls half to death. 

There are people out there with real clown phobia (Coulrophobia).  I just don't know what makes people want to do that kind of thing.  I do feel sorry for those people that make a living out of being a clown, and only want to make people laugh. I heard of people cancelling clown parties, because they don't want to scare the kids.

Clowns are used to make sick kids happy when they visit hospitals, and kids parties are better when you have a clown to make balloons and blow bubbles and make kids laugh.

What do you think of Evil Clowns?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Clinton Vs Trump

Unfortunately I have to way in to the debate between Clinton and Trump.  Why because it was televise here in Australia.  Well oh boy, I do feel very sorry for my friends in America at this moment.  Having to listen to both of them making promises that you know they wont keep.  They will find a reason of cause that they couldn't keep there promise, as you know its always someone else's fault not theirs.  Who ever does get in, its going to be a very LONG four years.  And after that four years, you hope like hell someone better comes along and wants to run, because I cant see them getting in for another four year like Obama.

After the debate I come away feeling like what the ..........  Why on earth would you want these two people running your country.  Its like the blind leading the blind seriously come on.

I wish my American friends good luck because your going to need it.  Because I think they are as bad as each other.  Not surprise they are being made fun off.

I could not resist either.

Take care everyone, see you next time.:-) xo

Saturday, October 15, 2016

80's hair style and clothes

I was inspired to write this post by a follow blogger who wrote about 80's movies.  I will put her link up.  Please go and check out her blog. You wont be disappointed.

If there is one decade that stands out to me it was the 80's.  Am I right people.  Ok you either liked the 80's or hated it.  Me I loved the 80's.  To me it was all about the clothes and the hairs do's.  Ok the music was great too.  But I'm not writing about music, I'm writing about clothes and hairs do's.

So let me show you a few examples.

Madonna, I loved the way she dressed, so lets just take a look at that for a moment.  Big headbands, lace gloves,  rubber bracelets and lot of chunky jewellery and look at her hairs WOW.  You just don't see that anymore do you.  Well unless you go to an 80's dress up party, which has me thinking what to have for my 50th birthday.  I may just bring the 80's back for one night only who's with me.

Now lets not forget Cyndi Lauper,

'Girls just want to have fun'.  Was one of my favourite songs of hers.  When ever I hang out with my girlfriend we would play this song before we went out on the town.  They were the days.  Now lets have a look at her hair, I loved the way she just didn't care what people thought about how she dressed or what colour her hair was going to be.   She was also rocking the headbands, chunky earrings, and lots of neck laces and chunky bracelets.  Ok so everything was chunky in the 80's and I loved it. 

Ok one more

Tina Turner, Wow what a women.  The outfits she wore to show case those beautiful legs.  As a short person I was very jealous of her legs because I would have done anything to have legs like Tina Turner.  So lets look at her outfits boy she knew how to style didn't she.  And her hair, well she is rocking the look.

Now I cant go without showing you

That's right leg warmers, now how many people wore these in the 80's.  Ok I confess I did, and I thought I look cool.

That's it a trip down memory lane, I hope you liked it as much as I did.

Take care everyone, see you all next time.:-)xo

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My three goals

This year was the first time I've ever set goals for my self and followed through with them.   Oh I have made many goals at the start of every year,  because for me a brand new year is like a new start for me.  But have never followed through it just become to hard.  So why this year?  Well I needed to make some changes in my life and I knew if I didn't make changes now I never will.  So I set my self three goals, just three. So here they are.  And I'm also going to tell you why I chose these goal for my self as well.

1.  Write on my blog once a week for a year.  I have had this blog for many years and because I haven't had many views I just gave up.  But this year I thought I would give it one year to see if I had what it takes to make a blog successful.  I think if after a year your still not getting a lot of views then its just time to give up.  Mind you I have join a lot of forums groups to promote my blog.  So I have put the effect in.  I now only have two months to go now, unfortunately it haven't work out the way I wanted too.

2.  Try and make money through my blog.  I really have tried to make money, but because I'm not having that many people visit I'm not making the money.  Why I'm I trying to make money?  I have osteoarthritis and its not going to get better, its just going to get worse.  The pain in my joints at the end of the day is very painful.  Once again with two months to go I don't think that's going to change.

3.  Write my own E-book.  So I'm starting to write my very first fiction E-book.  And I very excited.  Because I started writing this 19 years ago.  It will be in three parts.  Wish me luck on that.

So that's my threes goals for this year.  Have a great week everyone, take care.xo

Friday, October 7, 2016

Spring cleaning

After the excitement of the storm last week.  I decided to do some spring cleaning inside. I have started in the kitchen.  Now spring cleaning for me means cleaning out my kitchen cupboards, and drawers. Throwing out what we don't use anymore and buying new storage containers to store food in because in the summer we get a lot of ants and flies.  And I just think it looks good with everything in its place.  It does take time to do, but its the end result is awesome.

For my husband it's not good because I start looking at the back and front yard and give him  a list of things to do, like cleaning the outside windows, getting the leaves out the gutter, cleaning up the back yard ready for summer.   I love summer because we have lots of barbeques, so that means spending a lot of time outside with family and friends.

We get a lot of redback spiders that are highly venomous, and they live everywhere in the house where it is dark and cool so I'm always on the look out for them.  So keeping fly spray close by is always a good idea. 

We are starting to get spring weather now which is wonderful.  And as I'm writing this I can see out my kitchen window to our vegetable garden needing some attention, I'm sure my beloved husband would like one more job to do lol.  Poor dear he so likes to watch some T.V on the weekend, mmm sorry dear not this weekend, I'm wondering if I will still have a husband next week.????

Have a great week everyone. take care. xo

Sunday, October 2, 2016

worse storm in 50 years

Last week we went through the worse storm in 50 years.  And I can tell you I got home one minute before the storm hit.

Ok let me explain.  A couple of days before the storm hit. we were told to make our homes ready for the worse storm that South Australia has seen in 50 years.  And that's what some people did, because you know there are going to be some people who don't prepare.  We that Wednesday it was beautiful I couldn't understand what the weather bureau was going on about.  I guess I said in my head that day that the storm isn't coming.  So I went to work.  I got to my second job and there were still people walking there dogs and enjoying there day.  On my way to dropping the dog that I was walking home, I saw dark clouds appear, I manage to drop the dog off and make it home.  I was in the car when I hear lighting, I run inside just as I closed the door the rain starting and the storm began.

One of our dams broke and flooded a lot of small towns.  Farmers crops were lost. Our neighbours tree fall on to my husbands bird cages  Lucky no birds died. My husband was home and he ran out to try and pull the tree off his cages, the tree wasn't that big but big enough to dent the cage.

We lost power and had no phone service for about eight hours.

Here are some pictures of the damage.


The clean up is going to take a long time to fix.  As there is more raining coming.  As I sit here now is has been raining all night and now its the morning it hasn't stop.

Wish us luck.

Have a great week everyone, take care.xo