Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This fast changing world we live in

We live in a fast changing world.  And what I mean by that is, mmm where do I start, ok.  Technology is changing so fast that I cant keep up with it.  Terrorism is not something that's going on in another country that we use to hear about on the news, its happening in our own back yards.  The climate is changing, the ice caps are melting, soon we wont know the weather by its seasons. I can go on and on but lets for the moment focus on these three.

So what do we do about the fast changing technology?  Burying our heads in the sand and pertain that this is not happening?  Or do we excepted that the world is changing and go with it?   I think its just best to go with the flow, what choice do we have really.  I do have a funny story to tell and it only happen last night.  Have you heard of drones?  Well they are everywhere now and my son has one, its very small and to be honest I didn't think they made them that small.  Well he was flying it in the house, while I was speaking to my daughter in her room she had her bedroom door open so my son decided to fly his small drone in her room, now my daughter was scared it would fly into her hair and told her brother to take it out of her room.  Now before he could fly it out of her room, he flew it above her head and sure enough the drone fell on her head and what I think they are called small fan like propellers got tangle in her hair.  She was not happy, but my son had a very cheeky grin on his face.  And me well I couldn't stop laughing.  Well you would have laugh as well if you had been there.  When is comes to technology I'm lucky to have my kids to help me to understand what it all means and how it all works (mobile phone, computer) the lists goes on.  I think like it or not technology is here to stay. 

I would like to talk about Terrorism for just a minute or two as this subject really crips me out.  Where I live in Australia we have had a lot of terrorist threats lately.  And it has scared me.  But I wont let it beat me.  It is something that ways heavy on my mind.  I would like to know how you cope with it.  Ok time to change to subject.

Climate change is here and the ice caps are melting.  I did watch to the Brazil Olympics and how they made it about the climate and how its changing and what they are doing to try and help there environment.  But is it too late, isn't  the damage already done.  Are we too late to help the planet now.  What do you think?

It surely is something to think about.  Have a great week everyone, take care.xo


  1. Yes i agree the terrorist problem is a very scary subject i think we can only trust and turn to god in these last days

  2. Yes I agree with you Sharon. Trust in God is the best way to get through these last days. xo