Friday, September 2, 2016

Spring is here :-)

Well after having 3 months of cold and very wet weather, Spring is finally here:-) yay I'm so very happy.  The weather has been fantastic, so walking my dogs this week has been great weather wise.  Now Saturday is here and as I'm writing my post it is raining heavily out side;-(, it's the weekend and I had so much planed now I have to change it all.

Well, its a great day to go to the movies.  Ok that's not to bad then.  So spring and summer means to me a lot of BBQs and going to the beach, and having picnics.  And camping woohoo bring it on.

So I will let you see how dry we get in Australia.  And the weather bureau is saying its going to be a very hot summer, and that is because we have had a lot of rain.  Well we will have to wait and see..

I will show you what some of our wildlife, and what they think of spring, so what do you think? I think they are loving this weather.

Have a great week, see you next time.xo

This bird is called a Kookaburra and I also see him not only when I walk my dogs, but they come to my house and go into  my veranda and watch me write on my blog.  How very lucky am I.
These birds are called Galahs and I see them when I walk my dogs.

This is a Koala and I see them as I'm walking my dogs.  Wow I really am very lucky.

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