Friday, September 16, 2016

Great News

I had my medical procedure yesterday, good news I don't have bowel cancer, which is really good news for me and my family.  They did find a couple of things, but they can be fix in time.  Feeling very sore today, but that's understandable with what I went through yesterday.  They did so to take it easy in the next two weeks.

So I just thought I would share that good news with you. 

Last week I told you that my son turned 21, well the day after his birthday he went out with his friends.  My younger son heard him being sick outside his window in the garden at 4am in the morning.  I think he had so much to drink and didn't want to wake me, hearing him being sick.  It did take him two days to recover from drinking to much.  He got no sympathy from me as it was self inflicted.

Have a great week, see you next time.:-) xo

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