Monday, August 15, 2016

Home school or Public school

Yesterday my 11 year old daughter did not want to go to school, she suffers from anxiety.  We just change schools last term because she didn't like going to her old school.  Term out she had to present the project she had don't to the class, and her anxiety levels were very high.  She I talk to the teacher and he talk to my daughter, and told her she can present to four of her friends.  Well that made her feel better.

If I compared home schooling to public I would pick home schooling.  The problem with that is I work full-time.  And she wouldn't get that one on one time that home schooling is known for, because she wouldn't have me at home telling what to do or help her because I would be to busy working.

I would save money on school fees.  You do get a lot of help now with home schooling which you didn't get before.  She wants to spend more time with me, but that would be hard as I have to work.  For now she will have to go to Public school.  When I start making money blogging, I will then let her do home schooling.

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