Sunday, August 21, 2016

Being called Big/Fat

Why is looking skinny so important in this day and age.  The reason I bring it up is last week one of my customers ask me why I was so BIG (fat) when I walk six days a week.  I was so surprise with what she said I just said I just like food, and walk off taking her dog for a walk.

This is why a lot of teenagers stop eating food and start fasting.  My 11 year old daughter told me that her need to loose some weight.  Let me tell you my daughter is the right weight for her age and height, she don't need to loose weight.

Those of us that are size 16 and over can be beautiful and happy the way we are.  We just love food.  And if its not affecting our work or our life style leave us alone.

Just had to get that of my chest... Have a great week everyone, stay safe and happy. xo

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