Sunday, July 24, 2016

Why cant we live in peace?

We are living in a world where its getting to scary to leave your own home. 

It has always been my wish to visit places like America and Paris.  But what I
watch on the news, just makes me to scared to visit those places at the moment.  If it's
not terrorism we have to be afraid off, its racial abuse against people.  Why cant
we accept people for there beliefs, and have them accept us for what we believe in. 
I think we would all get along better, but that's just me.

I think we all have something to give and to learn.  Why are we so quick to judge people?
There will always be those people that want us to believe in what they believe in and will do
everything to make us do so.

We have to learn to get along,  otherwise what will happen to us.  We will all end up living
in fear and what kind of life will that be.........

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