Sunday, July 10, 2016

It's my birthday

Yes at the end of this month the 30th of July it will be my birthday.  And I will be, dare I say it?????? Mm mm Ok I will be 48 years old, I know, I know that's very old.  So my kids keep telling me all the time.  What would we do without them???  Lol Just don't get me thinking ;-). I'm kidding I love my kids they mean the world to me. 

So the reason why I brought my birthday up was not for you all to wish me a happy birthday, well you can if you want too, that would be great:-).  Ok getting off track again.  I'm going to share with you some of my favourite online places to buy from.  Because we all live for online shopping right???  Well I do at least.  So to my family and friends out there that keep on asking me what I would like for my birthday, just keep reading:-).

So here are my favourite shops to buy from, and I want to tell why they are my favourite just to help you out a bit.  And to all my visitors out there why don't you go have a look as well and tell me what you think.

So it is Winter here in Australia and its very cold, I recommend Scarfs at CUPSHE because they are so warm and I just love, love, love them hint, hint. (family, friends)

Then there is GOODNIGHT MACAROON who have great sweaters/cardigans, and so much more to choose from. To my older children I do hope your reading this....;-)

And for my daughter who will be 19 7 days before me, this is for you.  FASHIONMIA lots of cute Rompers for you to wear.

And to my husband HIPS & CURVES because even at our age we still like romance.  That choice will be yours darling. ;-)

But to all of my awesome visitors who come every week to see what's what I have to say, I would like to stay thank you, now this is just 3 of my favourites and I'm only high lighting them because its my birthday at the end of this month, so please feel free to have a look and tell me what you think......xo:-)

As always your comments are always welcome.....xo:-)

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