Sunday, June 5, 2016

Gorilla short at Cincinnnati Zoo

The story goes that a 4 year boy went into the gorilla enclosure to play with the gorillas, this silverback Gorilla found him.  Now it didn't look like the Gorilla was hurting the young boy, the  But to save the boy they shot at this Gorilla.  To look up the full story go on any new feed and look it up.  But on all the social media they are wondering why they couldn't use a tranquiliser to put him to sleep.  Now they are saying that would have taken to long and it might have upset this Gorilla and he could have taken it out on the boy.  So I ask you did they do the right thing by putting this very large Gorilla down, or they have use the tranquiliser on him.
Would you have shot this beautiful Gorilla to save a life of a 4 year old boy??

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