Sunday, June 19, 2016


There are some die hard golfers out there.  Yes that's right I said die hard golfers.  Ok ok let me explain, I have for the past 3 three weeks been walking and looking after my customers dog.  Now where I walk him is right next to a golf course.  And this morning I nearly got hit my a golf ball that just miss me.  And to my dog that I was looking after said,  Wow great shoot.(NOT) it went right over the 6 foot fence.  Good luck finding that golf ball. ;-).

So back to the point that I was going to make, its winter here in Australia so where I'm from we have been getting a lot of rain and I mean a lot.  I have been soak so many times during the day its not funny.  I now have very bad cough :-(.  But yet again I'm getting off track.  So during those very wet days I still will see Golfers out not even worrying about the rain what's with that?

If you can tell me what make a person play Golf in all kinds of weather I will tip my hat off to you.

Remember comments are always welcome. xo See you all next week.

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