Sunday, May 29, 2016

Star we have loved and lost

Anne Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson.  Two people that were in the lime light for two different reason.  Both loved there fans and wanted to please not only them but the people around them as well.  Both were always in the Media, we couldn't get enough of them.

What we see in front of the cameras, is the same as what's going on behind the scenes.  They both had people that would do anything for them, and I mean anything.  The pressure to perform would in the end take there lives.

The people who were paid to look after them, were the people who should have got them help, and not give in to there every need and want.  Drugs play a huge factor in this.  Both of there bodies were full of different kinds of drugs.

When I was younger I wanted to be famous.  But it seems being famous comes with a price.  We see it today with the younger Stars of today, the lime light gets to much for them.  Look at Justin Bieber

he doesn't want his photo taken with his fans anymore.  He doesn't seem to be enjoying what has made him famous.

So I ask you in this day and age would you like to be famous and in the lime light, where your life isn't yours anymore.

Let me know what you think...:-)xo

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