Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Discussion: Abuse physical or verbal

I never new verbal abuse was abuse.  For years I have been put down by my husband, (what good are you), (your lucky to have me, because no one else would), plus many many more.  That stays with you everything he has every said to me, ( your lucky I don't hit you, because I'll never stop).  

I use to think woman were nuts not to leave there husband when they got hit.  I use to stay if my husband hit me I would leave in a heart beat.  Easier said then done.  How hard it would have been and still is for those women that stay and take it each and everyday.

I keep saying I will leave, I just don't have the money yet..... Yea you know the story... Because some of you have said the same thing.....When does it end???? Six foot under the ground???

I don't where I'll be in a year or two.  All I'm trying to do is reach out.......


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