Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Discussion: Abuse physical or verbal

I never new verbal abuse was abuse.  For years I have been put down by my husband, (what good are you), (your lucky to have me, because no one else would), plus many many more.  That stays with you everything he has every said to me, ( your lucky I don't hit you, because I'll never stop).  

I use to think woman were nuts not to leave there husband when they got hit.  I use to stay if my husband hit me I would leave in a heart beat.  Easier said then done.  How hard it would have been and still is for those women that stay and take it each and everyday.

I keep saying I will leave, I just don't have the money yet..... Yea you know the story... Because some of you have said the same thing.....When does it end???? Six foot under the ground???

I don't where I'll be in a year or two.  All I'm trying to do is reach out.......


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Let's start a discussion on "how to help someone with depression".

Will you help me start a conversation on depression.
This is very near to my heart as I have a friend whose daughter suffers from depression.

Let me give you a little back ground first. My friend suffers from depression, and she got it
from her mother.  Two years ago my friends daughter tried to kill herself, she didn't succeed.
And the only reason she knew her daughter had tried to kill herself is that she found a note under her mattress.  Her daughter had taken pills.  My friend thought by removing every kind of pill in the house she would stop her daughter from trying to do that again.......
Last year she cut both her wrists, and the only way my friend found out her daughter was in danger, is one of her daughter's friends called her.  The sad thing was her dad didn't believe him, luckily my friend was in the room when the call came, and she was able to get to her daughter in time to take her to hospital.  The hospital bandaged she wrists but she would have to go to a children's hospital to get her more help.
Well by the time they were finished at the hospital the daughter wanted to go straight home.  And she couldn't get her daughter to the Children's hospital.  The daughter stayed in her room for a week and wouldn't talk to anyone.

The daughter is dating a boy that also suffers from depression and he tells his mother that's she is crying all the time and wont tell me why....

IF you have any advice that could help with this family I would be happy to hear it, before its to late...........