Saturday, November 8, 2014

Getting ready for Christmas

Oh did I say that word, CHRISTMAS yes I did.
In Adelaide where I live we just had a Christmas Pageant,
where there are a lot of different floats which are very beautiful
and magical to see, and the last float is Santa's and at the back
of his float he has a lot of presents in a big bag, just to let children
its not very long until Christmas is here.
For me is has been a very fast year for me, I have been so busy with
work, that before I knew it Christmas is around the corner.
When the Christmas Pageant comes to town that when a lot of people
start to decorate the house and put the Christmas tree up and the light on
the house.
So this week of going to be very busy with work and getting the house ready
for Christmas.  And that means buying presents for my kids and waiting in the
long queues, but worth it to see the look on my children s faces as they open the
gifts at Christmas.
We are our last month of Spring or when Christmas comes around it will be Summer
which brings very  very hot days.  Lots of trips to the beach and swimming pools and
don't forget the BBQ, which is one of my favorite things to have.
What about you what do you do to prepare your family for Christmas season??? I would
really like to know!!!!    

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