Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dogs dress up for Halloween

Spiderdog: This furry tarantula shows off all 12 legs in this well attended dog parade in New York City With Halloween coming up in a couple of days, I couldn't resist showing these dogs all dress up ready for trick or treating. Oh boy they are so darn cute.
ANYONE GOT A TREAT???? See food?: This hungry little lobster wowed in red at the Halloween parade attended by thousands Unipup: This adorable unicorn with wings flew down from the sky to walk on the Earth among the dogs Need a paw? This adorable gettup of two dogs carrying a box was a highlight at the dog-studded event Cerberus: Cerberus the three headed dog took a break from guarding the underworld to attend the parade The Popey: The pope left the Vatican just to make a special appearance at this year's Halloween dog parade 

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