Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cheating on someone

I'm watching Big Brother Australia, and getting so angry at what I'm seeing.
With Lawson and Cat, I'm so sick of seeing him getting upset then going back
to Cat.
I hope his girlfriend has dump him.  I feel so sorry for her, because its not just
a few people who has seen it, its everyone in Australia who is watching Big Brother.
Last night Lawson was talking with Cat about leaving Big Brother, and once again Cat
thinks of herself and then its all about her, why she isn't thinking about Lawson girlfriend
on the outside just makes me so upset.  I think Lawson should leave, he brings nothing to
Big Brother in my opinion. Let him leave and face the music i say.
I agree with everything Jason said in his goodbye message to everyone, but the only person
is upset was Lawson, did it change things NO.
Being Cheated on is never a good idea, and never on T.V.
What do you think about whats going on in Big Brother? What do you of Lawson and Cat?
Please comment below and tell me what you think.

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