Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Day two.
After the doctors sent my friends daughter home, which to them was a big surprise.
All the doctor would say is she is better off at home.....Really that really surprise me as this was her second attempt at killing herself.

They did however give my friend some numbers to call.  And she has been trying to contact, and as yet nothing.

So while her daughter lays in her bloodly sheets and doesn't say one word to anyone, which to me is so worrying.

My friend has taken all the tablets and hide them where her daughter cant find them, but what about the knifes she used to cut herself.  My friends don't sleep until her daughter goes to sleep because they are afraid of what might happen.

I think her need to go to hospital and be admitted to the psychic hospital to be watch over and for someone to talk to her because whatever is wrong with her she needs to let it out.

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