Saturday, April 27, 2013

Anzac Day

I watch two very different movies on Anzac Day.
One was about Australians fort in ww2
And the other was about Germans who fort in that same war.

Both stories tell of young men signing up being happy to fight in
the was there really knew nothing about, only that they wanted to
do there part in the war.

They went in one way and came out another.  Always shell shocked

Six young men in German join up, two run away from the was and was
never seen again.
The others died, one the very last day of the war.

My dad is German, he moved to Australia when he was 21 years old.  He is
now well into his eighties and is very sick and doesn't have last long to live.

My 17 year old son ask him what he thought of Hitler.  Because he was in what
was called  the Hitler's youth.  It was where young men had to go they didn't have
a choice.

I think its a bit like army cadets.

We have all heard how horrible Hitler was. 

It is interesting to hear from those that were in the middle of it.  And what it was like
for them.

I will go into more details later...... 

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