Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Winter or Summer Christmas

Here in Australia we have really hot Christmas days.
I would like just once in my life have a white Christmas, then i think it would really feel like Christmas.
Some people like to spend Christmas at the beach, or go out on picnics in the park..
I tend to be very busy Christmas day. We spend time with just my kids them we go to by brother's place and catch up with family.
If its really hot we would leave my brothers early and call some friends and meet them at the beach.
There is nothing like watching the sunset on the beach its very beautiful.
My kids love going to my brother for Christmas, because he has horse and my girls love horses.
Some times my brother if not to busy telling will go get some horse ready for my girls to ride.  The look on there faces priceless.
So where ever you are enjoy the weather........

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