Sunday, November 4, 2012


For most of us change can be hard, I hate changes.  But have learnt that some changes in my life can be good.
Being a mother of 4 kids, to young enough to still need me and 2 older one that don't need me at all.
I'm finding it hard to let go, let them make there own mistakes.
I know as a mother i want to do everything for them, and i have....
Which i have made a rode for my back, to the point my older kids wont do anything at all.
My oldest son tells me its women's work, and that its my job to pick up after everyone all the time.
I cant point the finger at anyone else but me.
I now realise it is good for kids to have jobs to do around the house.  And its alright to tell them to pick up after themselves.

I also hate getting older my body is changing so much, I'm getting aches and pains where i didn't have aches and pains.
I'm forgetting things a lot more now, so finding that i have to write everything down, the problem i have is remembering to look at what i wrote.

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