Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's begining to look like Christmas

I love getting pres ants for my family and friends, the way there faces light up when they open what i brought them.

I also look at the spiritual side of Christmas, and what that means to me.
we go to carols by candle light and i love listening to the carols they sing.
Christmas eve we go looking at the Christmas lights. And it gets me and my kids
ready for Christmas day.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Buying Presants

I tell myself every year that next year i will get all my Christmas shopping done early........ And every year i seem to wait to the last minute.
This year has gone so quickly, it just seems like Christmas was not so long ago. Christmas come sooner for me every year.
There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to do anything......I wonder whats its like for you?
We have a Christmas pageant, one big one in the city and two small one out side of town.  My daughter was in one last week she is a cheer leading, and had so much fun...
When the pageant has been and gone i put the Christmas tree up and start getting the house ready for Christmas.
My daughter ask me why i haven't put the tree up yet, I couldn't give her an answer because i didn't have one.
I will put that on my list of things to do this week.  Yes yes yes as well as my Christmas shopping.
OK everyone have fun shopping see you all next week......

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Count down to Christmas

As we count down to Christmas. I find that I'm very grateful to be here, because i nearly wasn't.
At the start of the year i was very sick with a brain virus. So for six very long weeks i thought i was going to die, and so did my kids every time i when to the hospital they didn't know if i was ever coming home.  And if i was to be perfectly honest i didn't think i was either.

Two months after getting sick and going to the doctors for a check up he said i would see some chances in me, he just didn't tell me what they would be, because everyone different.

I wont bore you with the details of how i have changed.  I just have.

Getting to know the new me is very hard to do, because i just went straight to work, without taking in what just happen to me, i went though i life changing sickness.

Seeing to toil it has taken on my kids makes me very sad.

We all feel grateful to be together for Christmas.  For every day that goes by I'm just so happy to be here.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Winter or Summer Christmas

Here in Australia we have really hot Christmas days.
I would like just once in my life have a white Christmas, then i think it would really feel like Christmas.
Some people like to spend Christmas at the beach, or go out on picnics in the park..
I tend to be very busy Christmas day. We spend time with just my kids them we go to by brother's place and catch up with family.
If its really hot we would leave my brothers early and call some friends and meet them at the beach.
There is nothing like watching the sunset on the beach its very beautiful.
My kids love going to my brother for Christmas, because he has horse and my girls love horses.
Some times my brother if not to busy telling will go get some horse ready for my girls to ride.  The look on there faces priceless.
So where ever you are enjoy the weather........

Sunday, November 4, 2012


For most of us change can be hard, I hate changes.  But have learnt that some changes in my life can be good.
Being a mother of 4 kids, to young enough to still need me and 2 older one that don't need me at all.
I'm finding it hard to let go, let them make there own mistakes.
I know as a mother i want to do everything for them, and i have....
Which i have made a rode for my back, to the point my older kids wont do anything at all.
My oldest son tells me its women's work, and that its my job to pick up after everyone all the time.
I cant point the finger at anyone else but me.
I now realise it is good for kids to have jobs to do around the house.  And its alright to tell them to pick up after themselves.

I also hate getting older my body is changing so much, I'm getting aches and pains where i didn't have aches and pains.
I'm forgetting things a lot more now, so finding that i have to write everything down, the problem i have is remembering to look at what i wrote.