Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Who we would buy for

Continuing on from last week....
I had two brothers and three sisters, and that's not counting the step brothers and sisters.
So it is safe to say we had a big family, between my mothers family and my fathers.
So to work out who to buy for we would put names in a hat and pull out the name of the person we would be buying for that year.
Keeping in mind that we still would buy for mum and dad.  It would just cost so much money if we brought for everyone.
We made sure it was fair for everyone so we had a budget, and no one was to go over it.
I would always stress out on what to get for the person i was buying for, and all that stressing was for nothing, because they always loved what i brought.
Those days are long gone now, and thinking about that brings tears to my eyes.
I don't see a lot of my family anymore, its only on Christmas that i see my brother or my sister.
Time seems to go so quickly now. But i will always look back with wonderful memories.

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