Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Yes dare i say it....
Christmas is around the corner, and is coming faster every year.
I would like to share just a few Christmas traditions i had growing up.
I had the best of two worlds, i live with my mother most of the time and spent time with my dad some week ends and some holidays.

With my mother we would get a pine tree a week before Christmas, decorate it and by the time Christmas was over it was ready for the tip.  So funny because we would be picking pine needles from the floor when it was getting close to taking the decorations off.

My mother would bake for a week leading up to Christmas.  And on Christmas day family and friends would visit and end up rolling out the doors.
Mum was very happy that she always had enough food for everyone that came around, we would be eating leftovers for a week after.

At my Dads because he was German we would open pres ants the day before Christmas.
And would have a beautiful lunch laid out Christmas Day.
Mind you we would still have pres ants to open Christmas day as well.

Singing Christmas carols in the nursing home, and we would go to different peoples houses and sing carols to them as well, which was one of my favorite things to do. we did that a couple of days before Christmas.

That just feels you with the spirit of Christmas.

When i got married i wanted to make some Christmas traditions for my own family.
So every year we would give a gift to our friends Christmas eve, just before we would go around and look at the Christmas lights.

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