Saturday, August 5, 2017

Young kids today have depression

As you all know I have been suffering from depression and anxiety.  So with that I stop blogging, what I didn't know is just how much I would miss it.  So here I am back.  I thought that I could get over depression and anxiety quickly, that after a couple of months I would get better.  Turns out that's not the case at all.  Its going to take a while and to put a time limit on it was very silly of me.

As I have been coming to terms with my condition, I miss seeing what was happening in my own home.  And that was my 12 year old going through the same as I was.  And that has had a huge affect on me.  She is now seeing someone who is helping her cope with what she is going through.  

Unfortunately I was focusing to much on what I was going through, and I was failing as a mother.   I am grateful to my husband and my sons who have been a huge help to my daughter when I could not be there for her.

Because I haven't been there for my daughter it has put a big strain on our relationship, but with a lot of hard work from me I'm going to build up that close relationship back up again.  Because she needs me more then ever.

I was surprise just how many young kids have depression now more then ever before.  She now realises she is not alone.  And that is so important that the moment..

Wish us both well wont you.  Until next time.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

10 Father’s Day Gifts to Treat Him by Treating Yourself

Hi Everyone,

"This post contains affiliate links and I'll earn a small commission if you shop through them. This is how I help to make money so I can continue to bring you amazing content"

As promise I have shopped around and have some really great ideas that will have your man very happy.  Just don't let him open your gift in front of your kids.;-)  Let me tell you he will have a very BIG smile once he opens up your gift.

All these ideas come from Hips & Curves, and what I'm going to do is put the photo then the link beside it.

Milo strappy shelf bra,    buy milo strappy self bra  The getaway kit gift set,  buy getaway kit gift set  The weekender kit gift set, buy weekender kit gift set   Luxe Heart kit,  buy Luxe heart kit  Fifty shades of grey blindfold, buy fifty shades of grey blindfold   Fifty shades of grey tease feather tickler, buy fifty shades of grey tease feather tickler   Natalya steel boned corsetbuy natalya steel boned corset   Black satin and lace Bustier,  buy black satin and lace bustier   French maid kitbuy french maid kit  Twilight seduction strappy baby doll,  buy twilight seduction strappy baby doll

All these ideas come from Hips and Curves.  I do hope you like my ideas please comment below.

Take care until next time:-)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Father's Day is just around the corner

Hi Everyone,

Father's Day is just around the corner so I have some great gifts ideas for you.

Super Dad Beer Stein  Please click on the high lighted link, these products are from Beau-coup and Swoozie's

Dad is my super hero coffee mugFive reason dad fill-in card,  Super dad can hugger,  Best dad ever,  Thank you dad book,  Best dad ever splatter  Happiness is 200 things I love about dad book,  NFL BBQ spatula bottle opener,  monogram shaving set.  This link Beau-coup and swoozies  will take you to there home page where you can order the products that you want to buy.  Happy shopping everyone.

Stay tune I will have some more for you tomorrow.

Until next time take care.:-)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mother Day is just around the corner.

"This post contains affiliate links and I'll earn a small commission if you shop through them."

Hi Everyone,

I have a few ideas on what to get for your mother for her special day.  Lets get started:-)

Hautes Jewelry have a very nice selection of Jewelry to choice from just click the link. ,  Hautes Jewelry .  And I will put some banners up as well just to give you an idea of what they have for sale.

TeeAmazing, if you like love animals you will adore this online store. Remember to click on the link TeeAmazing.  I will also put some banners up as well.

Rose Wholesale, Now this is my favourite online store.  Ladies you will love it.  Right now they have 80% off, just for mothers day.  Now you have to love that right.:-) Don't forget to click on the link Rose wholesale.  I will get some banners on as well.

Cupshe, is another favourite online store.  And right now they have 7% off for mothers day.  Just click on the link Cupshe. Yes I will put some banners up.:-)

Happy shopping everyone, until next time take care.:-)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter take two

Ok so yesterday I wrote about my daughter and buying her other things for Easter and not just chocolate.

Well after talking to my son who is 21 and in his own words I'm getting to old for Easter eggs, but he still likes chocolate.  So I decided to once again to look online for some other ideas other then Easter eggs, which by the way I really love.

So I found two online stores, so I thought I would share them with you as well.  Just incase your son tell you that he is to old for Easter eggs.

My son loves to travel with his girlfriend so I look online and found Travables which deals in a lot of different travel bags.

Also my son and his girlfriend go out a lot so he likes to look nice Mojito Collection deals with men's casual clothes.

So check them out and let me know what you think.

Take care until next time, stay safe.:-)

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Easter long weekend

"This post contains affiliate links and I'll earn a small commission if you shop through them.

I love Easter time because I get 4 days off, and I cant wait.  Not only am I going to see my family but also take time out for me and my family.

It is also a very busy time of year for my family as I go a bit over board on Easter Eggs.  This year my oldest daughter has ask that I go less on Chocolate for her and more things she can dress up and wear.   Because I like to shop online I thought I would share some new online stores with you as well.

My daughter love to wear Jewellery so I have found an online store called Hautes Jewelry. Just make sure you click on the link.  They have some really good bargains.

Now my daughter loves Pugs so I found an online store that sell all kinds of things like shoes, clocks, bags and so much more all dogs breed. TeeAmazing is what the store is called, please check it out.

Just one more store before I go.  I don't know about your daughter but mind loves to wear make up so here it is My Brush set.  Remember to click on the link.  Happy shopping everyone.  I hope this helps with some ideas for Easter.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I love pearls

They say that diamonds are a girls best friend, but not for me. I love wearing pearls.  I love the feel I get when I'm wearing my pearl earrings and necklace.  It makes me feel beautiful.  The best thing is that I found a shop online that only sells pearls here is the link Win Pearl.

I will also put up a banner as well.  So let me give you the link again Win Pearl If you like pearls as much as I do you wont be disappointed.  Happy shopping everyone.  Until next time take care.:-) xo